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Say goodbye to low security, complex or forgotten passwords. All you need is your hand.
The innovative solutions of Israeli Vendor Identytech Solutions are exclusively presented by BIOSOL.
Our products
A secure future without cards, PINs, bracelets and phones
Comprehensive approach to security decisions
Generation of projects according to your script
Adaptation to the conditions of any business
New identification management format
How does it work
Our products
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The latest technologies that have changed safety standards are already available in Ukraine. BIOSOL offers innovative solutions based on 100% biometric identification of the palm vein. Our devices are a combination of advanced technology with compactness, reliability and convenience. The highest level of protection that can be implemented in any conditions, make our solutions unique in the domestic market.
How it works
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Palm vein technology is an advanced non-contact technology that has a number of advantages over traditional methods. The equipment scans blood vessels with infrared rays, which are absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood. Recognition of a "living hand" of a person is recorded in the form of a vascular pattern, which is compared with the template of pre-registration of the user. Thus, the device provides or denies a person access to a particular object.
Where it works
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Our solutions meet the needs of any area for which information data protection and personal security are important. The system of control of physical access on biometric parameters is a reliable assistant for business both in the conditions of a small office, and in the big corporation.
The main areas of application of solutions:
• access to software products;
• accounting of visiting time;
• ACS (access control systems).