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Center of Competencies
Center of Competencies

Many years of practical experience in the information technology market and a comprehensive understanding of the IT market allowed us to create a quality approach to work, based on exceptional service, high-quality deep expertise and understanding of the real needs of the market. When providing consulting services, we use all the technical knowledge of specialists and practice of project management skills and turn our expertise into your success.
We learn all customer requests and immerse ourselves in the specifics of the work of each company, analyze and systematize, consider account industry standards and the latest trends in the field of IT technologies.

Our Center of Competencies provides:

  • Consulting services and IT audit.
  • Services of experts of technical and accompanying documentation.
  • Project support at all stages.
  • Services of experts for building a data center and migration to the cloud.
  • Technical and service support.
  • Analysis of compliance with corporate and international standards.
  • Providing specialists with complete and up-to-date information in the field of biometric identification.
  • Training in working with biometric identification solutions.
  • Certification of Identytech Solutions partners.

You will receive:
Comprehensive expertise and professional support for implementation.
Independent peer review.
Optimal options for solving identified problems or specified tasks.
Qualified justification for making balanced management decisions.
Affordable cost of consulting services.
We provide consulting services at various levels of company management:



At the level of company executives (CEO):
– we define problems and ways to solve them;
– we discover the activities of the IT service in the general development plans of the Company;
– we regulate IT processes;
– we optimize the budget of the IT department and ensure the efficient use of investments.

At the level of security executives (CSO and CISO):
– we assess the general state of security in the company;
– we find problem areas;
– we determine the level of compliance with the requirements of regulators;
– we conduct an audit of access control and management systems, evaluate the effectiveness of the ACS operation;
– we find shortcomings in the operation of the equipment and give recommendations for their elimination;
– we develop a strategy for comprehensive protection of the company from internal and external threats;
As part of IT consulting, we consider not only organizational and administrative documents on information security, but also the actual IT infrastructure, to prepare recommendations for ensuring and increasing the level of security of the Customer’s information systems. When conducting consulting, our experts are based on a group of international standards of information security ISO/IEC 27000,  CobiT 2019 and ITIL best practice in our work.

At the CIO level:
– we discover problems and bottlenecks associated with ensuring the required level of reliability and performance of the IT infrastructure;
– we make a detailed description of the development plan for the IT department of the company;
– we assess the compliance of the internal processes of organizing the IT service with international standards, corporate requirements and help IT departments to become a full-fledged participant in the business, acting as a provider of certain services for business units, formalizing the relationship as “provider of IT services – consumer of IT services”.

Experts with qualifications confirmed by international certificates and rich practical experience in the field of information technology and information security are involved in consulting.