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IDT Sapphire
Flagship of the line of biometric scanners for management and control of physical access. Uses advanced PalmSecure biometric authentication technology and enables three-factor authentication. Meets the toughest standards on the market thanks to its high IP65 protection, performance, ergonomic design and robustness.
IDT Jade
Equipment of a new era among access control and management systems. Thanks to the built-in Smart / contactless card reader, processor and / or controller, it provides true two-factor PAC identification / verification. Full modularity, interoperability between all IdentyTech solutions and third-party equipment make the device a unique solution for access control in small areas.
IDT Nano
The perfect solution for the most demanding conditions. Thanks to the modular platform combines many functions, easy to use. The built-in Palm Secure system provides the most accurate level of human identification based on life detection. The design accommodates HID readers that support leading types of smart cards. Equally effective in a networked environment and when connected to a secure I / O controller.
IDT Desktop
Reliable modular registration device equipped with a reliable Palm Secure sensor. It has built-in capabilities for reading / writing HID smart cards and full registration in the system for any mode of operation. Supports contactless card management functions (iClass, MiFare, Desfire, Desfire EV1).
IDT 750 PS
Designed for fast and accurate control of physical access control. Allows two-factor identification or verification and supports various modes of operation. Equipped with a unique PAC-terminal with integrated smart card functionality or contactless reader.
IDT Octopus
Ultra-fast multi-module controller for organizing access control solutions. The operation of the device is based on encrypted messages and built-in SQLite for interaction with external readers / terminals. Is both a controller and a processor for important information, including biometric data processing and card management.
Why we are trusted
All products of the company must be tested by the FCC, CE and UL. The company uses only reliable, certified solutions that are agreed with international and national government organizations.
Federal Communications Commission
Conformité Européenne
Underwriters Laboratories
Biometrics Institute
Intertek's Electrical Testing Labs
International Organization for Standardization
ANAB Accredited