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PalmSecure biometric scanners for the public sector
22 November 2022

Businesses today are constantly improving the security sector using technological advancements and developments. Financial and banking institutions are implementing biometric technologies to register users and create a unified system of access to various programs and services. Also, a transparent and reliable identification system based on unique human parameters have used in the public sector for ID card registration, driver’s licenses, and other documents.

Using biometric technologies and their implementation in access control systems gives a new level of protection. Contactless biometric sensors are easy to use, and the reliability of PalmSecure technology and the impossibility of copying input data by 3rd persons make them ideal for the defense and public sectors.


How does PalmSecure technology work?

The authentication process at the checkpoint takes by raising a hand to the biometric reader and scanning the palm vein pattern. The PalmSecure sensor emits near-infrared rays that absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood flowing through the veins of the user’s palm. The scanner captures the venous pattern of the palm, and encrypted data is transferred to the server and compared with the pre-registered template. Upon confirmation of identification, the system grants permission to open the lock.

It is not possible to use someone else’s data. Copying a palm print is not enough to gain access. The technology has double encryption and does not save patterns at each authentication.



Where can it be used?

The uniqueness of the parameters and the peculiarity of the technology allows the effective use of biometric ACS in government programs:

  • on territories and objects with a high level of security (parliament, government institutions, research centers, defense institutions);
  • to provide access to confidential data and critical infrastructure (access to archives, medicine warehouses, servers, and data centers);
  • to monitor time and control the movement of visitors and workers.



PalmSecure technology gets actively worldwide distribute and has increasingly used in government projects, financial institutions, and medicine. The uniqueness of the technology stands in the non-contact method, the impossibility of unauthorized access based on someone else’s parameters, and reliable double encryption of information.

Read more about the technology difference compared with other biometrics at the link:

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