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The future of healthcare innovation
15 July 2021

Contactless patient identification.

Our contactless patient identification system is changing the future of the healthcare system, solving the problem of COVID-19 and other challenges related to patient safety. A safe and easy-to-use tool reliably matches patients to their own medical records with zero patient contact required.

Identytech solution from the exclusive representative in Ukraine, BIOSOL UKRAINE company, is a contactless identification method based on palm vessels scanning technology.

Identytech devices have API and SDK support for integration into the existing ecosystems of medical institutions, allowing for the use of biometric scanners in contactless patient identification.

Contactless identification in healthcare institutions reduces the number of contact points in hospitals, allowing healthcare providers to do their life-saving job with less stress and threat to life.

BIOSOL UKRAINE aims to transform hospitals and all healthcare facilities into safer, smarter and more convenient places to provide and receive healthcare.

Managing and protecting secure digital ID in the toughest environment of healthcare.

Digital transformation of healthcare was originally focused on optimizing clinical workflows in traditional hospital settings. These days, help is provided in a much broader ecosystem. More and more users with different roles need access to more programs. This access must be secure but, at the same time, effective. In this new complex ecosystem, digital ID is an effective security anchor.

Focusing on digital ID, organizations can address their critical workflow, security, and compliance challenges.

Palm vein secure is the ultimate security and accessibility solution for the healthcare industry.

Actions meant to help prevent medical errors and misidentification of patients. It’s identification by an innovative technology for scanning the venous network of the palm. Contactless biometric patient identification means safer, faster visits and better patient experience.

Your health is in your hands.

Healthcare safety begins first and foremost with the correct patient treatment.

Registered patients who check in at the front desk, or even unconscious ones in the emergency room, can be accurately identified using palm vein biometrics. This is a very accurate and unobtrusive approach, but the already low risk of infection is even further reduced with our innovative contactless authentication scanners.

This brings positive experience for patients and is better trusted by doctors.

BIOSOL UKRAINE is the exclusive representative of the leading supplier of products and solutions for biometric identification IDENTYTECH in Ukraine, is one of many companies working on the implementation of innovations that significantly increase everyone’s security.

What are the IDENTYTECH devices?

Identytech is a contactless biometric scanner that uses palm vein scanning technology. User registration is done by converting five million data points of the human palm vein structure into an encrypted biometric identifier. After registration, when a person holds their hand over the device, the device reads its biometric identifier and goes through the identification process.

Palm vein scanning technology is:


The venous pattern of the palm cannot be copied or faked or taken without your permission. This means that your personal data is literally in your hands.

Precision and Reliability.

Sophisticated algorithms for palm venous network processing match more than 5 million unique features giving extremely high performance indicators for this technology.


Identification is done without direct contact with the scanner, which ensures hygienic and safe use of the technology in public places, medical institutions, operating rooms and laboratories.

Identytech makes patient identification easy and hygienic.

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