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Cybersecurity month
12 October 2021

Cybersecurity month Ukraine has joined the European tradition of holding an annual cybersecurity month, to make it part of the culture of society and ensure the sustainable operation of government institutions, businesses, services and systems. As part of this event, many meetings, conferences and summits were held throughout the country.

Cybersecurity is an important part of protection, but it is only part of the entire defense system of our state. In addition to digital technologies, it is important to protect objects of state importance and preserve information from closed departments of the state. Probably, everyone has heard such terms as “security facility” or “closed area”. It is these concepts that combine state, military or strategic complexes that are of particular importance in the life of society. To ensure the safety of such facilities, special access systems are required.

Therefore, within the framework of the month of cybersecurity, a round table was organized in the chamber of commerce and industry. The main topic of the meeting was the protection of the perimeter and strategic facilities. Public and private institutions shared their latest developments in access control and management systems. Educational activities and exchange of experience also became an important part of the round table. Leading experts talked about the future of the security system and the comprehensive protection of the perimeter of strategic facilities.

Our company made a presentation and highlighted the use of venous identification systems to ensure a high level of security for military and industrial infrastructure, as well as for access to critical decisions.

The main advantage of venous identification systems is that the scanner scans about five million points of the circulatory system. This is a characteristic that cannot be “stolen” – because, unlike a fingerprint or iris, it is hidden from an outside observer and is only detected by scanning in infrared lighting. And thanks to encryption at all stages – the system provides a high level of protection. The relevance of the topic is confirmed by many visitors and those who want to try the system.

Security issues will always be almost the main one in the middle of every state, and we are glad that we can present the technology at such important events and contribute to an increase in the level of security.


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