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Three days of Safety
22 September 2021

We would like to share with you our impressions and results from the Security 2021 exhibition, which was dedicated to the latest security technologies and access control systems.

At the exhibition, we showed biometric identification technology based on the venous pattern of the palm, which is one of the most reliable methods of biometric protection. It can be used to control access to physical objects and information. Solutions based on the technology of scanning the venous pattern of the palm are used in a wide variety of fields and business areas. Representatives of various industries, from financial companies to the public sector, showed their interest.

I was pleased with the great interest not only from business, but also from education. During the three days of the exhibition, we managed to meet and communicate with many interesting people and share our knowledge regarding biometric access control systems.

We held a conference “Identification by venous palm pattern – one of the most reliable biometrics methods today” for business and several mini-lectures for students of several universities.

During the conference, there was a keen interest and interest in using this technology not only for access control, but also for tracking the working time of staff. Many of the questions confirm a genuine interest in the technology.

All visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity to make sure of the reliability and speed of identification by their own, talk to our technical specialists and try to get scanned.

The days of the exhibition passed quickly and very richly. We look forward to the next meeting and thank everyone who joined us!

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