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Webinar: “Biometric identification for access control systems (ACSs)”
11 July 2022

Invite you to the webinar, which will be held on July 19 at 12:00 (GMT +3).

The webinar will be conducted by an experienced specialist, Biosol business development manager Volodymyr Dyachkov.
Volodymyr will tell how remote access control systems based on biometric identification by the vein pattern of the palm, what problems they solve and the benefits of using them. Will share the results of implemented projects in the world based on this technology.

The issue of controlling access to various facilities is gaining more and more popularity due to the war and will become one of the main areas of investment in the rebuilding projects of Ukraine. In the webinar, you will find out why you should choose Biosol and get all the answers about the possibilities of using the technology.

There will be a lot of interesting and new information useful for heads of security departments and ACSs engineers, as well as for directors of security companies, heads of military institutions, business owners and all those interested in the latest technologies.

Register for the webinar on Cisco Webex.
See you on July 19 at 12:00!

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