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About us
Who are we?

BIOSOL is based on more than 10 years of experience in the information technology market. Since the end of 2019, we have become the exclusive representative of the world’s leading manufacturer of products and solutions for security and biometric identification, Vendor Identytech Solutions.

Identytech Solutions is:
• 20 years of experience in the industry of personal identification systems;
• research center and production in Israel;
• central office in the USA;
• more than 20 regional offices around the world;
• more than 100 completed projects.

What are we doing?

BIOSOL introduces Identytech Solutions’ unique line of biometric readers that deliver unrivaled performance and reliability in ergonomic stylish designs. We did not pioneer biometric security. However, it is in our innovative solutions that advanced experience is introduced, which allows us to maximize the potential of future biometric technologies today. Each implemented project brings us closer to the main goal – to raise the safety of society to a new level. This becomes possible thanks to the comfortable solutions available to the population.

What do we offer?
As the exclusive representative of Identytech Solutions, BIOSOL offers:
Open modular platforms
These are end-to-end solutions that enable partners and customers to scale projects to meet their own security needs within an affordable budget.
The possibility of integration
Thanks to the SDK and API development tools, integration is possible both between Identytech software and client software, and at the biometric scanner level (when the scanner is connected to the client software)
Own team in the field of research and development
All Identytech Solutions products are developed exclusively by the company's specialists.
Certified products according to international quality standards
Identytech Solutions are based only on certified technologies and are tested to the highest standards. FCC, CE and UL.
Our goal

The highest priority of the company is the continuous care of our partners and customers. Therefore, we strive to provide you with not just a product, but a solution. It is important for us to comprehensively support consumers at every stage of the integration of high-tech products in a specific industry.
BIOSOL is, first of all, an assistant that understands your needs as much as possible and tries to fully satisfy them.

How do we become experts in biometrics?

BIOSOL employees are dedicated to bringing the most ambitious ideas to life and making them accessible. Our presence in the market is defined by innovation, which is based on best practices, an integrated approach and flexibility in solving problems.
We are confidently moving forward, continuously improving within the company and beyond. Regular training with the Vendor, acquaintance with innovations, formation of effective communication skills is an important part of our work.
However, we are developing not only for the sake of our own competence. The company’s employees willingly share their unique knowledge with partners and clients during trainings and webinars, and also participate in large-scale conferences and events.

In the spring of 2019, the BIOSOL solution was presented at the CEE 2019 electronics exhibition and was awarded along with such Vendors as HP, Microsoft, DELL EMC, Cisco. We managed to pleasantly surprise the visitors who tested the new generation technology with our own hands.